Dont Push Me im Already On Edge (bex_1_dj) wrote in lesbian_soccer,
Dont Push Me im Already On Edge

Soccer Update

so we played St Johns Auburn
we won 2-0

our left wing got injured we thought she popped her knee but not quiet sure yet
our striker (best player) got red carded for saying the Fuck - refee thought it was towards him but it wasnt so yeh know she is going to appeal the red card
i played shit and im sick of playing shit because my coach pulls me out of the game and im so sick of it and i know that i can play well i just dont know whats wrong with me....

3 of our players will be out next week and we need to win so we can make it into the semi-finals

i need to pull my finger out of my arse and start playign like a fuckn soccer player....
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