Smrose (topgirl_n_butch) wrote in lesbian_soccer,

Did you play?

With the lovely amount of rain we have had this week and the nice and cold temps was soccer still on this weekend?
If it was when do they not play? When do they draw the line and cancel matches?
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Our soccer was cancelled, mind you we have played in the pouring rain with lightning and everything. They could've let us all play, but due to safety and i think a fine from Council for playing on closed fields would've made them cancel the games
Ah ok so the same thing does happen here as in Canberra. Where Mum lives is opposite some big soccer fields and when they close the fields the soccer stops. They let you play in lightning, see i would have thought yeah ok if it starts raining fine. But playing a game in lightning that has to be way to dangerous.
It was during summer soccer when the games are only on for 30mins and it was a freak storm whilst we were playing. Everyone else didnt care as it was a hot night but myself and the other goalie was a bit nervous considering we had metal surrounding us!
Hmm that would have been fun.
Could have made for a very interesting and electric game.
Oooooh there was this one soccer match (I forgot where but not in Aus) and lighting hit the playing field. None of the players were killed, but a few got knocked out and suffered from shock. It looked really freaky!

oh..i shouldnt laugh at something like that, but come onn thats hillarious!

*bzzzzzzt..bzzzzt..players downnnn*
Actully now you menation it i do remember it happening. It made it to the news as a freak lightning bolt i think hit the ground and most of the players dropped from it. No one was seriously hurt but a couple were taken to hospital. Unsure of where it was though and if i remember correctly it was a mens game?
yeah, it was a men's game that's all i can remember.

Hrmmm...kinda scared of being a goalie though during storms and there's games still're surrounded by metal!