into_the_core (into_the_core) wrote in lesbian_soccer,


Didn't play soccer this week, but last week we played again the Flying Bats and I swear everytime I get injured, hit in the face etc. It's always been a dyke....very interesting....

Anyhoo...last Sunday I was whizzed off to the Emergency ward in Concord Hospital, I dislocated my pinky so bad from the middle joint  it was 90degrees sideways right but I had time to stop it from going further but also in the process moving my arm away and falling straight onto my side and tearing a bit of my torso. As a lesbian, naturally I was really devastated.

how FUCKED up. yarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, and then we lost. And we lost again this week.

oh and the World Cup, can't wait for it to begin!

Will post really gross pictures of my dislocated finger some time...

That's all fer now folks
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