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Lesbians Who are Into soccer [entries|friends|calendar]
Who said Soccer was only a guys sport?

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not dead. [July 11th]

hello all! Yes tis I...the MODERATOR like OMG I'm still alive. Sorry about the lack of commitment to this group...WOW I haven't posted here in AGES since going on hiatus then realizing the other moderators have slacked off too =_=... so would anyone like to take on the responsibility of been the main moderator of this site? I have a few commitments to work on now, but I will still be co-moderating the group. I'd like someone who is committed to giving this group a new face (^_^)v

been a while... [January 8th]


deng i forgot about this...mah bad...im here still!!


[January 8th]

[ mood | anxious ]

geez, no one writes in here any more!!

sooo, how's everybody?


Tiger Balls Team [September 6th]

Well i have a summer 7 team Happening...

its called Tiger Balls (lol me and my boi just came up with it)

i have 10 players so far :) which is good we can have a max of 12 players

and well my baby got dragged in to being the coah "team official" hahah

she has to take care of the team HAHAH

that is all...

Indoor soccer at Greystanes/Paramatta?? [September 1st]

SInce Bex's new work has decided to block all internet access, she's asked me to make this post lol

If anybody is interested in playing Indoor Soccer, Summer 7's at Greystanes (which is 5mins from Parramatta) on Tuesdays nights, i think they need a team of at least 10 girls, Its just a fun competition!

Sp please let us know either leave a comment here, or feel free to email either one of us (check out our info's for email addy's)

thanks guys!

hey Sydney chicks [August 22nd]

Did anyone catch the world cup U20s women's Soccer Australia vs. Brazil on SBS?????

Ah...lovely to watch, but tragically the stadium was empty in st petersburg. Loved Sasha Macdonell, the striker strutting around in her hot pink boots lol.

Soccer update [August 14th]

so we played soccer against whinston hills 

we lost 4-2 ... im so happy we lost cause if we made it to the finale i would have had to play on the 27th and on the 26th the night before is my 21st birthday party and yeh i wanted to get trashed.... :)

but yaya

how to eveyone go?

summer 7 [August 14th]


Anyone playing Summer 7, i want to play but i dont have a team :(


Heya [July 21st]

[ mood | amused ]

Hey everyone :-)

name: Linda
country: Scotland
age: 19
sexuality: Bi
if you play for a soccer team:Im looking to join 'Glasgow City Of' football club.


[July 21st]

our weekend game is washed out again :( 

so not fair i havent played soccer in 3 weeks now 
what about everyone else?

Injury :( [July 16th]

Bought 6 tickets to Australia vs. Kuwait!!!!! Gonna be fun :)

We lost another game today, but once again we had the scraping minimum of 7 players.

First half: I injured my right ankle.

Second half: I injured my second ankle really badly and couldn't run but had to stand around on the pitch so we didn't have to forfeit.

I am officially crippled this week.

Hey does anyone know of any good summer soccer teams? Indoor? in Sydney.

Run Forrest, RUNNN! [July 10th]

7of us against 11 of them for the past two weeks...argh so much running some of us don't even have positions anymore you just run where the ball sends you.


I get to take training for 30-40mins on Wednesday...I've never 'coached' anything before so does anyone have any advice on leading training activities?

I'm playing a game drill using a wide field as well as practising through passes and long passes.

Update [July 5th]

ill update....

we lost against Winston Hill 2-0 although we should have won i tried to play hard but obviously not good enough for my coach.....

playing against Lidcombe on the weekend in Guilford...we have to win....we lost to them last time but they shouldnt have won the ref was a fuck wittt and everyone was so pissed off...

we have to win a next few games to get in the semi - we are currently running 4th yahu

i think that we should start prompting again esp cause of world cup...

what do you guys think ?

Soccer Update [June 26th]

so we played St Johns Auburn
we won 2-0

our left wing got injured we thought she popped her knee but not quiet sure yet
our striker (best player) got red carded for saying the Fuck - refee thought it was towards him but it wasnt so yeh know she is going to appeal the red card
i played shit and im sick of playing shit because my coach pulls me out of the game and im so sick of it and i know that i can play well i just dont know whats wrong with me....

3 of our players will be out next week and we need to win so we can make it into the semi-finals

i need to pull my finger out of my arse and start playign like a fuckn soccer player....

FIFA UPDATE... [June 23rd]

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

is it just me or is our little community getting a little QUIET?!


Did you play? [June 11th]

With the lovely amount of rain we have had this week and the nice and cold temps was soccer still on this weekend?
If it was when do they not play? When do they draw the line and cancel matches?

Aloha from The Flying Bats! [June 7th]
Hey all,

A little birdy told me I should join this group (hey Doodle!) and spread some Batty soccer love so here I am.

First of all, here's some info about me
Name: Dan aka el Capitan
Country: Australia
Age: I'm 29 but you'll notice on this profile it says 21. 21 is how old the Club is.
Sexuality: Raving Dyke
Soccer Club: The Flying Bats
Competition: North West Sydney Women's
Team: Division 5
Website: www.theflyingbats.com
Email: Club - info@theflyingbats.com Me - communityliaison@theflyingbats.com

I am on a secret squirrel mission to get all the dykes in Sydney to come and play for the Bats so if you've any questions about the club, send 'em my way.

In the meantime, I look forward to meeting you all. HOO HA!


Bat Girl


updat [June 6th]

Didn't play soccer this week, but last week we played again the Flying Bats and I swear everytime I get injured, hit in the face etc. It's always been a dyke....very interesting....

Anyhoo...last Sunday I was whizzed off to the Emergency ward in Concord Hospital, I dislocated my pinky so bad from the middle joint  it was 90degrees sideways right but I had time to stop it from going further but also in the process moving my arm away and falling straight onto my side and tearing a bit of my torso. As a lesbian, naturally I was really devastated.

how FUCKED up. yarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, and then we lost. And we lost again this week.

oh and the World Cup, can't wait for it to begin!

Will post really gross pictures of my dislocated finger some time...

That's all fer now folks

http://www.121s.com/ [June 6th]

Hey girls, not sure if this is allowed but it might interest you all anyways.
My brother helps run a sports betting forum and everytime there is a major sporting event on (such as the world cup) they run a competition. So yeah, they've got a competition running at the moment (get in soon before the world cup starts) entry is free, all you have to do is sign up to the forum, which is also free, and yeah just place your bets!! oh and by the way, theres a US$2500 prize up for grabs ;)

there usually arent many people that enter the competitions, so you should have a good chance.... thats if you know your football ;)

anyways, heres the link http://www.121s.com/viewtopic.php?t=8315 and good luck!! hope to see some of you join up :)


ps. it would be nice to see some more girls on there!! we are greatly out numbered :(

[June 5th]


so we won soccer against Greystanes (our other side) 1-0 was the score...i played ok but not the best my corners were SHITT im telling u i can do so much better.  had 3 attempts of goal but yeh wasnt successful...

my dads no impressed because he said im not confident enough and im not using my skills...but what he doesnt understand is all the pressure, like you have to pass to the best players etc...like its hard to explain but yeh,,,

anyways how about everyone elses game?


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